Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Teachers gift idea: Samigail's Personalised thank you teacher gift

It's that time of the year when you want to show your child's teacher just how much you appreciate the help and support that they have given you and your child. It's lovely to give a 'Best Teacher' mug, but how many do they receive? What if you give chocolates and they are on a diet. I'm always told teachers like wine, but I'm sure not all teachers drink alcohol. There's one thing for sure though; a teacher loves a present with thought gone in to it. It's the best ingredient any present could have. I always believe placing yourself in the gift recipient's shoes gives you the utmost inspiration. And so when I came across Samigail's websites and the heartfelt words which I could have written myself, I knew I had to have a personalised plaque done from my son.

Instantly the words summed up our feelings and I hope by reading these precious words the teacher will realise just how much she is appreciated. The words are heartfelt without being over the top and insincere.

"Thank you (teacher's name)

You're a very special teacher

I just wanted you to know

All year you've taught me wonderfully

and helped my mind to grow"

with 2 wooden embellishments added - ruler and crayons.

On the rear "love from (child's name)" wording will be added, and the date eg July 2009. The plaque has rustic hanging twine added and a gingham ribbon attached to the twine for a finishing touch.

Anyway, there were many gorgeous items to choose from on the Samigail's personalised website but I opted for the above plaque. Delivery was mighty speedy and Samigail's works to tight deadlines if you need a gift made quickly.

I was so pleased with the plaque! The wood was excellent quality, and it was nice to know that the wood was ethically sourced. The high quality birch ply comes from commercially managed forests. The gingham ribbon made it look ultra cute and the little accessories that graced the plaque added a totally unique touch. The coloured pencils and ruler give the plaque a 3D element and really emphasised the fact that we appreciated the tools of the trade for a teacher.

I loved the standard of the pyrography! I have seen some really poor quality items in craft fairs but this; wow! This is what makes the gift look so amazing! The fact that the writing is so neatly (burnt/ etched??) in to the wood gives it a handmade look but gives it a totally elegant slant too.

Finally, the fact that all the gifts can be personalised really emphasises the fact that you haven't just picked something off a supermarket shelf last minute. A lot of thought and time has gone in to this present. I just can't wait to see the look on my son's teacher's face when she receives it. If I was her this would be something I would always treasure.

I loved the items on the Samigail website so much that I ordered a door plaque for my son's bedroom door and I was equally pleased with everything about that.
10/10 for quality, personalisation and delivery. Will definitely be using Samigails in the future. So if you are stuck for a teachers gift you know where to look!

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