Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Father's Day Gift Idea - Day 1

With Father's Day fastly approaching, each day this week we are going to be bringing you some fabulous gift ideas.

Here's our first idea:


Why not start the morning with something a little different. Mum can be busy preparing Dad a nice cooked breakfast, whilst the kids can feel they are doing their own little bit by making Dad cereal. Not just any cereal though, how about Lucky Charms from Anyone remember Lucky Charms? They were available in this country back in the 80’s I believe, but now they are only available in America. So the test was do they taste as good as they did back then?

Lucky Charms are a frosted toasted oat cereal dispersed with colourful marshmallow charms. General Mills, the producer of Lucky Charms have added a further fun factor to this cereal by making the charms ‘swirled.’ These new swirled charms are meant to give Lucky the Leprechaun (the character on the cereal box) an incredible new magic power. Whenever he holds all four charms in his hands, he gains the power to teleport. So needless to say if these are purchased for Dad, then not only will children get the satisfaction of making their Dad breakfast but they even get the delight of trying some of this fantasy cereal themselves. So what was Dad’s opinion?

Dad says: These were not only a visual delight but a treat for the taste buds too. The children were so excited making these for me and I am sure it would make a great start to any Father’s Day. It was great being taken back to my childhood with this nostalgic treat and I already have my eye on another cereal which is available through for next year, which is called Cap’N Crunch. I’ve never tried that one before but it looks delicious. It’s great that Firebox have managed to locate these cereals for us here in the UK. £8.99 is a little excessive for cereal but they are incredibly rare to find in the UK and the other online stores seem to sell it for around £9.99! It’s a one-off treat and the amount of delight this cereal brought to the whole family certainly certainly made it worth the money. For any of you wanting to be taken down Memory Lane, check out this video of the old Lucky Charms advert

We also tried the American Candy which was described by Firebox as: a star spangled selection of chocs and sweeties from the good ol' US of A. Ideal for homesick Americans, curious rest-of-the-worlders and chocoholics looking for any old excuse to order a box of calorific loveliness, this is US choccy at its finest. This was absolutely great and was perfect for the whole family to share whilst watching a great movie. This will really make for a great Father’s Day!

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