Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Review: Build it with Bob Construction Kit

Can we build it? Yes we can, and all thanks to this great 'Build it with Bob Construction Kit.' All those times my son has gazed at the way builders slap on the cement and lay the bricks to overlap. Now he had a chance to give it a go himself......

Although this is marketed as a toy, the fact that it contains real bricks and cement means that it provides a huge educational and fun element. Master Craftiness couldn't quite believe the fact that I was letting him loose with real bricks and cement.

He could have used this indoors as the set comes with a wipe-clean mat, but as it was such a lovely sunny day outside I decided that it would be lovely for him to get fresh air whilst building (just like a real builder). So he took the set to the outside table and chairs and invited his grandfather to help him build. There they sat for the next hour looking like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

All the tools are included; all you need to supply is a dessert spoon of water. Very cute looking trowel too I might add.

After mixing up the cement, you are left to decide which model idea you would like to follow. Master Craftiness opted for the clock tower. As you can see from the photo at the top of the page this turned out brilliantly!

The various shaped bricks mean that you can make some nifty creations, after making the clock tower we soaked the bricks and made a wall with the bricks. Now we need to order some more cement as there is enough cement in this kit for around two creations. But Master Craftiness can't wait.....

This is messy but not excessively so, I believe it quells a need in all boys and girls for getting messy and learning a new skill. This makes a great alternative to traditional toys.

Master Craftiness says: "Making the bricks stick together neatly meant that I had to use all my concentration. I felt very proud of myself when the building was completed. I will definitely be telling all my friends about this kit."

We award this 8/10.

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  1. wow, this looks great.
    my son would love this, he really doesn't like Bob the Builder but he would love making the clock!