Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Father's Day gift idea - day 5 - Table Football from

Next it was time for some father/son bonding time and so we hunted down some games that would be suitable for Dads to really bond with their children over. We suggest:

Table Football (£29.99) from

This is a fantastic table top game which really encourages interaction between parent and child. These days so many things are computer based that we have lost the pleasure that simple games bring. If you don’t have a games room or basement you can still enjoy this table-top. It’s lightweight and easy to move and is great for inducing some heated action. Whoops and cheers will soon be heard from both players as the game gets in full swing. And only a small amount of assembly is required to get this up and running.

Dad says: Not only was this is a brilliant gift idea for me and my son games-wise, it also proves a good opportunity to get him in to real- life football. Also a timely gift considering we have the World Cup coming up shortly. I was particularly pleased with the quality of this item and I can see this becoming a family heirloom. My son and I have had so much fun with this, that my son actually commented that he preferred this to computer games. Which was a huge compliment coming from a computer addict. Seriously though, the whole family can get involved in this. We even had Mum playing the winner out of the two of us. This game has provided us with hours of quality ‘family time.’ And so for that quality alone, I would really recommend this as a Father’s Day gift. It even allows dads to revert back to their childhood, which is a pleasurable thing to be able to do at any age. Brilliant!!”

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