Thursday, 10 June 2010

Father's Day gift idea - Day 7 - Tools from Wilkinson

If you are stuck for ideas why not get down to Wilkinsons. How about getting Dad a brand new tool box and filling it with some bits and pieces. Most dads will be only be too pleased to renew their tool collection. There’s nothing more annoying than asking your Dad to fix your wonky shelf for you, only to find that he can’t place his screwdriver. So now you can make sure he’s raring to go on a job, and can find his screwdriver and tape measure in a convenient tool box! Or maybe he wants to get stuck into the garden this year, but he’s not sure where to start. Grab him the essential tools from your local Wilkinson store, at really low prices.

Dad says: "Not only were these great gifts for me, but now I can return the favour and get some of those long awaited jobs done. The Large Tool Box (£9) is 20 inches, this is really great as there is plenty of space to store everything. The tool box is light but strong and comes with an inner tool tray caddy with a handle, so that you can take selected tools in a little carry tray. You are also able to lock it with a padlock.

The Stanley Screwdriver Set (£9.77) was fantastic! It even came with a holder to hang them straight on the wall. The screwdrivers also have a shadowing system; so that you know what screwdriver goes where and if one goes missing you will know instantly which one. They felt very durable and the tips were very strong. The grip was very comfortable. This was an awesome set!

The Stanley Tape Measure (£5.49) was very strong and flexible, with a nice smooth action. It is also coated in Tylon to make it stronger. This would certainly makes DIY dads very happy!

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