Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Father's Day gift idea - Day 3 - Proporta iPhone covers

Proporta iPhone Covers: If there is one thing that Dad loves it’s his iPhone. Protecting it is a huge issue for our for him at the moment as his last phone got ruined when it fell out of his hands. If that happened to his beloved iPhone he would be in despair. So we set about looking for some protection. After much trawling of the Internet we found something that would not only offer extreme protection, was highly attractive but eco-friendly too! It was by a company name Proporta. These really appealed to us because of the sustainable bamboo, recycled leather and hessian.

We got Dad to test out the Recycled Leather Case with Bamboo Screen Protection and Recycled Hessian Pouch. The recycled leather case is made from 100% recycled leather with a natural Hessian lining. It contains a seriously smart protective sheet of hard bamboo (which also doubles up as packaging), keeping your device safe and sound and you in Mother Nature’s good books. The hessian pouch is handcrafted from Hessian with natural cotton stitching; the Proporta Smart Hessian Pouch boasts a hidden cork lining to protect your device and an exterior ‘flash’ design made from recycled leather. We were interested to learn that Bamboo was chosen due to the fact that it is almost 20% stronger than steel. It is also a rather quick grower and can shoot up to 60 cms in one day. An amazing material - it’s natural, sustainable and, as it grows, it actually removes carbon from the atmosphere, locking it away. Once bamboo reaches maturity it has to be harvested to encourage more to grow and Proporta only uses sustainable bamboo which is ready to be harvested. So perfect for any dads who are concerned about the environment!

Dad says: I was touched by this gift as a lot of thought had gone in to it. I didn’t even realise that my family cared so much about my personal belongings but obviously they do. I was very impressed with the green credentials and the quality of protection that these covers offered. Even more impressive was the fact they had managed to combine good looks with eco-friendly materials. I can now sleep safe in the knowledge that my iphone has the utmost protection. I liked the fact that the screens were so well protected. A big thumbs up from me!”

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