Thursday, 1 July 2010

Review: boys goodies

We have just found an adorable online store called The girls department being 'Think Pink' and the boy's being 'Blue2'. What we love about this store is the fact that all their products are exclusively designed by them. Meaning that when I buy this pencil case for Master Craftiness it's highly unlikely that it's going to get confused by someone else in school for theirs. Better still is the fact that the characters that have been designed are so adorable. We think the characters could quite happily belong in a TV show of their own they are so good.

So what products do they do?
Pirates, Space Cadets, Robots, Dinosaurs, Secret Spys. They've let their imagination run wild to produce amazing boys products. We've picked two of their products to review, and these are from their 'Monster Range.' We particularly liked the 'Monster Pencil Case' which we feel inspires you to draw because of the beautifully illustrated characters adorning the front of the pencil case.

The characters possess all the qualities that appeal to children and in particular boys; the characters are quirky, colourful and best of all monstrous!

Inside the pencil case you have a lovely range of coloured pencils, a sharpener, a rubber, a ruler and most importantly a pen to define all your cartoon drawings. The pencil case opens by a quirky little monster tag on a zip. This pencil case will be brilliant for long car journeys.....

Anyway, we were so inspired, myself and Master Craftiness settled down for a quick doodle of the monsters. Here's our work:

Two drawings by Master Craftiness

I had a quick doodle with Master Craftiness and before long the monsters had come alive on the page and were explaining why we loved so much!

And what will we be storing in the pencil case in when we go on holiday? Well it will be none other than the Monster Wheelie Rucksack from

It's great because not only can it be worn as a rucksack but if it gets too heavy it can be wheeled around like a trolley. Master Craftiness can't wait to fill it with his goodies. Again, you have one of the monsters gracing the front of this rucksack so it immediately appeals to children. Even better is the fact that it has a Velcro piece by the monsters mouth and comes with a variety of Velcro speech bubbles that you can stick on to the outside of the case. So your child can customise it to suit his or Mr Monster's mood. Wicked!!

These make the perfect accessories for any holiday or even just the perfect gift if you would like to inspire your child with creativity.

Take a look and see what wonderful things you can find at

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