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Guest Review: Baby must-haves - Dribble-ons, Sock-ons and goodies from Littlebirdtoldme

This month our guest reviewer is Jenny Smith.

Here's our lovely reviewer!

Jenny is mum to 3 month old baby Vinnie and here she gives her opinion on some of the latest baby must-haves:

Softly Snail Multi Activity Playmat & Gym £59.95

This playmat is amazing! I already have a Fisher Price jungle mat which Vinnie is not that keen on; he actually prefers laying on his changing mat to the playmat. I thought that it was playmats in general but it turns out that I was wrong! The Littlebirdtoldme mat is gorgeous! It's really padded and even has a head rest for him. He is very comfortable laying on it for long periods of time and there is just enough going on to keep him amused without being overwhelming.

Vinnie having a wonderful time on the mat.

The mat is also nice and light and easy to move from room to room or even put into the car if you are going to visit someone else's house. It has several different toys that you can attach to the structure of the mat. One of which is a mirror and a butterfly, when you pull the butterfly it plays ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’ Vinnie loves this, he spends quite some time talking to the butterfly and he also likes to put it in his mouth!

Vinnie busy admiring the butterfly!

The base of the playmat has lots of different textures and makes different noises when you touch it. I think that this is great as it encourages him to move his legs and also stimulates him with different sounds and feelings. I cannot fault this playmat in anyway, it is ideal for babies in every way and I would certainly recommend this product to other people with young babies. Another great feature is that you can continue to use it as your baby grows! If I were to give it marks out of 10 it would have to be a 10!!

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Soft Activity Spiral £18

The Activity Spiral is another great product. Vinnie is a very inquisitive baby and gets very easily bored, especially in his pram when no one is paying him any attention! This was the first time that I have used a toy like this and I have to say that it is a great hit! There are three hanging toys to keep his attention, they entice him to grab and hold them and this helps him with his co-ordination. The toys are made from different materials and rustle when you touch them. One of them vibrates when you pull the cord. I think that it would be great if this had a similar feature to the playmat where music is played, as that would hold the babies attention even better than it just vibrating. I can also put this on to his car seat when we go in the car and later it can be used on the buggy. Not only is this a practical toy but it also looks beautiful and the colours would suit both boys and girls. Several people have stopped and asked where I got it from whilst I have been out. This would have to be another 10/10 for me.

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Dribble-ons Bib

I really like the Dribble-ons bib. It's great at protecting the babies’ clothes and neck from dribble and it also looks really nice if you are feeding the baby whilst you are out and about. Vinnie sometimes gets a milk rash on the front of his neck which this has stopped and it has also meant that I don’t have to change him after every feed because he is wet! It is made of a very nice soft material and washes very well which is something that I really liked. I have found that a lot of bibs go hard and bobbly after a few washes, and obviously they get washed a lot! The only downside with this product was that it was a little tight around the neck. It does have two settings to fasten it but I think that even the second one will be uncomfortable for him in a few weeks. I really love this product, I just wish they could do the bibs in slightly bigger sizing. I would give this product 7/10

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Sock Ons

Oh my god, I love these!! I am forever losing socks or going out and realising that one sock has fallen off Vinnie at home! This product is brilliant. It slips over the sock and keeps it in place and it's as simple as that! They are made from a Lycra material that stretches over the foot and sock holding it in place. I am not sure that they look that great on with some outfits if you were going out somewhere special, but for everyday use I think that they are a miracle. I can honestly say that I haven’t lost a sock since I have been using them! Other mums that I have spoken to have commented on them and voiced what a fantastic idea they think that they are. Vinnie seemed very comfortable wearing them and definitely can’t get his socks off anymore! I would recommend to everyone, especially those who have a baby who has discovered the trick of getting their socks off! I would have to give this product another 10/10 as I think that it is a genius idea that works wonderfully.

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Thanks Jenny!!

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