Friday, 2 July 2010

Review: girls goodies

Ok, well I've explained why we love the 'Blue2' section of and now I am going to explain why I love the 'Think Pink' section. I don't have daughters to spoil with pink and girly items but it's still lovely to indulge my feminine side with all things pink. So I've picked some of the treasures that 'Think Pink' stock that even appeal to the adults.

Firstly we have the wooden blocks 'Home' sign. Wooden blocks are bang on trend in the world of home styling. And these blocks fit in to most colour schemes because of the pastel colours used. An example of how I have used them in my house is below. Although my whole colour scheme revolves around neutral colours, these wooden blocks make an eye-catching centrepiece. And certainly add warmth to the room.

In some home design stores letter blocks can be very pricey. But I was over the moon when I discovered that these blocks only cost £9.99. I love the 'Eat' and 'Love' letters they do too. They are a lovely weighty item and the colours used are just fabulous. Every morning I walk in to my living room and these letters immediately cheer me up. Although my son is slowly trying to send me mad as each time I go in to the room he has rearranged them to spell 'mhoe' or ehom.' But overall I adore these letters.

Next up we have this adorable recipe book. This is great for keeping yourself organised or would make a great teacher gift. Even if you have no intentions of storing recipes in it, it looks fabulous placed on the kitchen worktop.

For me personally this is a godsend. I love testing out new recipes from magazines and online and now I can keep track of the ones we like and the ones we have tested out and dislike. Now I can keep all my recipes close to hand in this stylish book which comes with clear pockets, lined paper and tabbed sections to help you keep sauces separate from your marinades! This will get tons of use in my household and I love the fact that I can tear out pages from magazines and slip them in to the pockets too!

So if you fancy browsing for something girly to cheer yourself up then visit

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