Saturday, 27 March 2010

Review: Eyeslices

I was just feeling gloomy about my dry and burning eyes after a long day of contact lens wearing, when I thought I would test out the Eyeslices that I had been sent to review. I was very wary as I have very sensitive skin and wasn't keen to disturb it with any new ingredients. But I was keen to try something to ease my eye pain so I thought I would give them a go.........

So what are Eyeslices?

Before using these Eyeslices I did my research. I wasn't going to use something that contained nasty chemicals. The key things that persuaded me to use these Eyeslices was the fact that it was clearly a product that had science behind it. The inventor of the product was actually a redhead so I immediately knew that the product was designed by someone with very sensitive skin.

Delving a little deeper I found that the key ingredients were:

ALOE FEROX: renowned for its calming, soothing and healing properties.

+ BLACK ELDER which is anti-inflammatory

It also contains an active ingredient called bioskinupTM contour which is composed by concentrated extracts of pfaffia paniculata root, ptychopotalum olacoides bark and lilium candidum flower (white lily), a synergic association standardised in saponins and flavonoids, that strengthen the vascular walls and repairs tissue.

So when I realised the composition of the Eyeslices I was even keener to give them a try.

Pulling them out of the circular packaging and touching and feeling them was a whole new experience for me. They were like nothing I have ever felt before and this is down to the cryogel polymer technology. The really wonderful thing is how this product has managed to infuse nature with bio-technology.
7 years trials, research and tests have resulted in this world first in cry0-gel polymer technology.

I have photographed an Eyeslice below so that you can get an idea of exactly what the product is. To describe it, I could say it was textured a little like jelly only firmer. At first I was surprised by the texture. Eyeslices are a much better alternative to cucumber and achieves much better results. Cucumber stays cool for a few minutes and then they get warm and drop off. Eyeslices can stay on your eyes for up to 20 minutes!

Putting the Eyeslices on my eyes was pure bliss. My eyes felt totally rejuvenated and for this reason alone I will be purchasing Eyeslices in the future. Although this pair of Eyeslices can be reused up to ten times if you store them in their original packaging.

The marketing on their website advises that you should have "Five minutes of me-time. All mums should allow themselves this. If you can't spare this, you can always walk around with one eyeslice on at a time." This is great advice and certainly a cheaper alternative than going to a spa.

To round up on the results you can expect from these wonderful Eyeslices:
Helps to improve:
  • Puffiness
  • Dark circles
  • Tiredness
  • Redness
  • Signs of ageing
In my case it immediately relieved my sore and red eyes.

My advice would be stock up on these if you are a sleep-deprived mum or maybe just have these ready after a night of partying.

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