Thursday, 1 April 2010

Review: JML EZ Combs

I've been taking a look at the hair accessories on the market lately and I've found a fair few that I didn't even know existed. One of those being the 'EZ Combs' by JML. When you look good, you feel good so I think it's really important to have a hair accessory that can make your hair look fabulous in literally seconds.

I first came across the 'EZ Combs' when I was browsing the web. Distracted from reading my e-mails I noticed an advert which displayed some absolutely stunning hairstyles using the clip. I was really eager to see whether these clips really worked. So did they??? Read on to find out....................

It was Thursday morning when the clips arrived, luckily for me it was a day which my husband had booked off work, so I had plenty of time to experiment with the clip. The packaging showed all the hairstyles that could be created and inside the box was two dazzling combs (pictured above), which were delicately threaded with an array of bedazzling beads. I quickly browsed the instruction booklet, but I must admit the fact that I have an annoying habit of skipping the instruction booklet and trying to work things out by myself. The first few goes, without looking at the instruction booklet, I was a little perplexed as to how the comb actually fitted in to the hair. As the comb was not like your average comb it had bent wire looped pieces, and it just kept slipping out of my hair.

Begrudgingly taking a look at the instruction booklet, I realised the simple mistake I had been making and realised that it was all about sliding in the clip and pulling the elastic as far as possible to create tension, and then to firmly place the other side of clip beneath a wad of hair. It was much simpler than I thought. It's important to realise that this tool needs to be learnt how to be used, much the same as if someone gave you a scrunchie and you had never used one before. But once you learn the correct way to use this comb, the potential for this comb is limitless. It creates absolutely stunning hair within seconds. So I found myself rather excited, with these beautiful combs I now had the opportunity to create new and beautiful styles and more importantly create them quickly. No more dowdy ponytails.

My first admirer was my sister. It's important to point out at this point, that we are very different characters, we don't dress the same and we don't share girly tips, so it is a rare moment that I get to impress my sister. She spends a lot of time in the courtroom as a trainee barrister, so I think the fact that the EZ Comb impressed her emphasises how professional the results of my hair looked. She always has to appear smart and so she clearly could see that this comb could offer her a goldmine of beautifully elegant hairstyles.

For any of you eager to see, here is a sneak peek of one of the pages of the instruction booklet. As you can see the photos are accompanied by the right amount of text so the instructions are very easy to follow and means that you don't encounter any problems.

So to round up why I love the EZ comb:

  • You can create one of eight stunning styles in seconds.
  • The step-by-step styling guide is really easy to follow.
  • The 500 dazzling beads make it appear that you have had a hairdresser in to delicately thread these through your hair for hours.
  • They are really comfortable to wear; you can lie back with no pins or claws sticking in to the back of your head.
  • £14.99 which is the price for a set of two clips and the instruction booklet is very good value. It will save me pounds on special occasions when I would usually require a hairdresser.

I was so enthusiastic to show you how great I think these clips are that I decided to create some videos.

I've created two videos. These were variations on the 'Fountain' style. I left more draping out in one video than the other. One looks smart, the other looks funky. I think these videos show the versatility of the EZ comb. Since creating these videos, I have tried out a few styles from the book and I am now officially in love with the JML EZ Comb. If anyone is interested I can post videos of these too.

For more information on the styles you can create with the clip and information on where to buy, please visit JML Direct.

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