Sunday, 18 April 2010

Review: Funpod Highchair

There are so many positive things to say about the Funpod highchair. The design, the appearance, the practicality and the versatility. I am brimming with enthusiasm about it.

Anyone purchasing this highchair will be amazed to the amount of usage that can be extracted from it. It lasts so much longer than your average highchair as the Funpod is suitable for walking toddlers age 1-6; what other highchair can you say has this much product longevity? It's hard to know quite where to begin when there are so many positive factors. The first aspect which can be enthusiastically conveyed to you is the appearance of the Funpod Highchair. It looks ultra-modern and yet the wood makes it look traditional and high quality.

The Funpod part of the highchair is a wondrous invention. The Funpod is basically a stool with wooden back and sides which allows your child to help in the kitchen in a safe and secure environment with no fears of slipping off. This puts no boundaries on kitchen creativity for your child. Using the integral quick release screws you can convert the highchair in to the wonderful 'Funpod.' The Funpod works by having a secure footplate which can be height adjusted to suit your child.

As a highchair you have a fabulous sturdy anti-slip tray which is really easy to clean and doesn't have any horrible crevices for food to disappear in to. The Funpod Highchair is quite heavy due to the quality of wood but moving it is no problem as it has polyethylene feet to avoid scratches and an anti-tip base. The highchair is a perfect height for me to sit up straight on a chair besides the highchair and feed my son. And if I choose to make the highchair in to a low chair it is just a case of simply lifting the chair out. I find that by alternating putting my son in a high chair one day and a low chair the next keeps a sense of novelty about the chair that keeps him wanting to get in to the chair.

The portability of the low chair is great. It is so light that it is perfect for placing out the garden on a summer's day to feed my baby. At the moment I have the tray attached but if and when I choose to take the tray off, it comes off easily with an Allen key. A bonus to taking the tray off would be that I can then have my child sitting right by the table. You can also buy a Funpod Table to go with the Funpod which allows your child to do activities such as drawing and painting.

The cushion of the chair is a comfy material that wipes clean easily. It secures with a sleeve over the back of the chair and harnesses which loop through it.

Why do I love the Funpod high chair? My son will now be able to help in the kitchen and I won't have to worry about him falling off steps. It will give him his own safe and secure little environment. This will allow him to learn about cooking in a fun and safe way and in to the bargain I get a stylish high chair and low chair which is easily converted.

A fantastic 5/5 from me.

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