Sunday, 7 March 2010


This is my entry for 'The Gallery.' This week's prompt is a photograph associated with a number.

This photograph was taken by my seven year old son last week. It was great to see such a large and domineering bird in our garden. When we zoomed in to the photo it sent shivers down our spines to imagine being a smaller bird facing the deadly stare of the buzzard. I think this photo displays how all creatures big and small interact; it only takes ONE menacing character, to spoil the fun for everyone else. Causing ripples of distress and unease and making everyone re-evaluate the value of life. As you will see there are no other birds around as they all flew away when this large bird flew in to the garden, taking over their territory. ONE is a powerful number.......


  1. Wow! In your garden! That's impressive!

  2. Wow fab picture! I found you on BMB and love your reviews!

    Cool blog background too! A new follower for you!

    Gherkin x