Thursday, 2 December 2010

Review: Fearne Make-up Collection - It's All About The Eyes kit

I was already a big fan of Fearne Cotton even before I discovered her new make-up range but now I am an even bigger fan. This new line of make-up encompassed everything which is loveable about Fearne; the quirkiness, the fact that it is very much on trend and most of all because it's beautiful.

Firstly, let's take a look at the packaging (which is pictured at the top of the page). Fearne loves her tattoos and rock chick image, and the packaging of these products emphasises this. The packaging combines modern florals with a font of writing that you might expect to see splashed across somebody's arm. Tied up with a black ribbon this would make the perfect Christmas gift.

Inside you have the most amazing products EVER! Even before actually using the products I thought they looked fantastic because of the way that they were presented. The pencils being nice and chunky (again with the cool font) and the little pots of shimmer dust presented in funky little pots.

I love all of these products but I am particularly in love with the shimmer dust pictured below and the greeny blue eye-pencil.

Why? Because the shimmer dusts contain an element of magic about them. They make your eyes look amazing; they contain just the right amount of sparkle. You could almost imagine this being the sort of make-up a delicate little fairy would wear. Sometimes you can get eyeshadows which aim to be glittery but they just make you look too over-done. These are so delicate you can use them for daytime wear.

The pencils were absolutely brilliant because they were so soft and easy to apply. I get sore eyes very easily, but these pencils must be made of very gentle ingredients as I didn't get any reaction. They were also very easy to apply and if you want a softer look you can smudge them very easily. I loved the 'Envious Green' colour as it just made my eyes look wonderful, the colour was really flattering. Although, I would say this was more of a bluey colour than a green.

I feel this kit is tremendous value at £10 and will certainly be buying more from this range. Thanks Fearne!

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