Thursday, 30 December 2010

Review: Fearne - It’s All About the Lips 'Vamp Red' lip collection

I was already over the moon when I discovered the 'Fearne' eye collection make-up but I was absolutely thrilled to have finally found a red lip gloss that suits my pale complexion (see pic below). The vibrancy from the red colour wasn't too harsh and I feel that it gave a glamorous touch without being too over the top. I certainly felt wonderful wearing it!

What I loved about the lip gloss was the fact that you twisted it to adjust the amount of gloss that came out on to the brush; meaning that you could have a very glossy look or just use the pigment that was left on the brush. Because of the fact that you applied it with a brush meant that it was also very easy to get in to the arch of the cupids bow (this really accentuates nicely shaped lips).

The lip liner pencil worked really well with this lip gloss too, by applying before the gloss I was given great definition to my lips, and I hope that they looked very kissable! :)

I normally hate lip glosses as they are so sticky my hair always gets stuck in them and then smeared all around my face - which is not a very attractive look. This lip gloss managed to be ultra shiny without being at all sticky which I found amazing!

Anyway, the lipstick was also great but I feel the 'vamp' describes the colour of it very aptly as it is quite a dark red. So probably best for evening wear. The colour of the lipstick I felt was a little too dark for my complexion, so I lifted some off with a sheet of tissue paper which left a wonderful shade of red on my lips without being too harsh.

OVERALL: £10.00 for this kit is brilliant value, and if I had to pay that just for the lip gloss alone I would as the colour and finish are so good. I will definitely be checking out the other shades in this range.

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