Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas Gift Idea: Denman Diamante Brush Set £15.19

If there’s one party essential a girl needs this Christmas it’s this bumper diamante hair set. Perfect for adding a little razzle dazzle to your locks, this exclusive set comes complete with a Denman high quality hairbrush in lush red matt velvet with sparkly diamante jewels and two high fashion sparkly hair clips.

Denman have been making world-famous Classic Styling Brushes since 1938 with a reputation built on quality and innovation.

They have been used to create some of the most iconic hairstyles and remain the preferred choice of the professional hairdresser.

This is a fabulous brush; if you are someone who cares about every little detail of your image then this brush is for you. The brush is just the right size to be able to clutch nicely and to be able to brush portions of your hair to do many different hairstyles. The shape of the handle makes holding the brush very easy and the actual brush manages to groom hair and untangle tangles very easily without hurting. If you have ever bought a cheap brush you will know the pain that they can cause – well this brush is at the opposite end of the scale, and it actually feels therapeutic as it seems to massage the scalp when you brush.

Aside from making your hair look wonderful, it is also a great item to store in your handbag as it looks such a glamorous item if you need to pull it out in public. And if you thought that this brush set couldn’t get any better – what about the fact that it comes with two gorgeous hair clips. This brush would make an excellent stocking filler! I’m more than pleased with this brush!

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