Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas Gift Idea: Save Our Friends Plush Toys

I just had to share with my readers the 'Save Our Friends' range. We actually purchased an African Lion last year and he was far superior to your average plush toy. The eyes really appealed to you to give him a cuddle, the fur was ultra soft and further to that it was lovely to know we were helping save endangered animals.

As a child I always used to write away to the endangered animals campaigns to try and get as much information as I could on how I could help with these things. I used to do things like make bookmarks and take them in to school to make others aware of the facts.

That is maybe why this range appeals to me so much. An ethical range of loveable, large toys are a fantastic way of showing how much you care about the plight of endangered animals across the world. With twenty adorable, super cuddly toys across four environments to choose from, every ‘toy with a conscience’ sold makes a contribution to one of our wildlife charities – Born Free Foundation, Marine Conservation Society and World Land Trust.

Furry, feathery or finned, many of our beloved species are struggling to survive in today’s troubled eco system. The luxury soft toy collection is designed to raise awareness and funds for the plight of our much loved yet critically endangered species that live in the world’s most threatened habitats.

The box provides information on the conservation status of the animal, information about the charity and statistics, all providing food for thought in an imaginative way. Family and friends can purchase the toys from www.saveourfriends and choose from 20 toys in four environments – African, Ocean, Polar and Rainforest Friends.

The Save Our Friends Cuddy Toys retail from £23.95 exc VAT and delivery and are available from

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