Saturday, 8 May 2010

Review: Trunki - Gruffalo edition

This little creature wheedled its way in to my life, or should I say wheeled. As a family we had all been admiring this little 3-in1 for a long time; it’s a suitcase that can be used as a ride-on or pull-along. So when we actually received this to review, we were in no way disappointed. This product was first launched on Dragons Den and that should go some way in describing the level of innovativeness that is behind this product. The body of this little creature forms a suitcase that children will be absolutely enchanted with. But it’s also a perfect solution for when they get tired at airports and it really encourages them to carry their own suitcase about.

Once you have a Trunki in your life, it’s very hard not to think of it as a little life-force of its own. The suitcase emanates such character and personality, that it would be very hard for anybody to dislike this product. I took off the packaging and immediately it was a scrabble between my two children about who was going to be sitting on it first. Either way it’s great for me; if my oldest sits on it there’s no moaning. If my youngest sits on it, I even get a happy ‘Puller-alonger.’ Yes ‘Puller-alonger’ that is now an official term in our household for someone who pulls the Trunki along by the straps.

“He has terrible tusks,
And terrible claws
And terrible teeth
In his terrible jaws.
His eyes are orange,
His tongue is black;
He has purple prickles
All over his back.”

Yes, we are now proud owners of the Gruffalo edition Trunki. Those big orange eyes and terrible teeth are flat features, whilst the horns of the Gruffalo form the part which children hold on to steer the Trunki. I am told by my children that the Gruffalo is a very comfortable monster to sit on, but this has also become a favourite place for them to sit whilst I read the ‘Gruffalo’ book to them. I love the fact that this edition is based on the book. It has really brought the story to life for my kids, stretching their imagination and prompting them to think of even more Gruffalo based stories. From an adult’s point of view, you only have to touch the Trunki to feel that it is made up of top quality materials and realise that this will be a product that lasts for a very long time.

The suitcase holds up to 50 kg (so that‘s a small adult!). It is capable of holding up to 18 litres and is hand luggage approved. I am delightfully thankful to the designers of this product, especially for the process of opening the Trunki; easy for adults, difficult for kids. The Trunki is actually locked shut with a key that is attached to the strap, so I wouldn’t have to worry about airport spillages. But this product could have dual-purpose as you could use as a toy box when you are not off jet-setting.

If you think this suitcase is all about appearances; you would sadly be mistaken. It’s not all just about the cosmetic appearance of this little suitcase; the insides are just as good as the outside. Apart from oodles of space, you even have an internal pouch for little bits and pieces and best of all teddy bear seatbelts! My kids thought that this was amazing!

Here's my video review:

Suitable from 3+

Characters available: Tricia, Terrance and The Gruffalo

Priced at £39.95 and available from

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