Saturday, 29 May 2010

Review: Ben 10 Toys by Ozbozz

This is for all you parents with avid Ben 10 fans in your household. A review of the very latest Ben 10 toys on the market. When a toy is purchased the key question often asked by parents is "is it worth it?" Here's the rundown:

Ozbozz Ben 10 Pack of 3 Jet Balls (Around £3.49)

Without stating the obvious these balls are very bouncy; which is obviously why they are called Jet Balls. They seem to have a much higher bounce than your average bouncy ball, which seems to make catching the balls easier. The balls come in packs of 3 and you can get them in the various Ben 10 designs. My son has a wide collection of bouncy balls and now that he has discovered this Ben 10 range, I have a feeling his collection will get that much bigger. The Jet Balls certainly went down well with his friends; whoops of delight could be heard from many of the boys and enquiries of where to purchase these from. Of course, you won't get any complaints from me either as £1.16 per ball is pretty good value for a character item.

Ben 10 Adventure Camera Set (Around £10.75)
The Adventure Camera Set is a great choice if you are trying to introduce some creativity in to your children's lives. You can introduce them in to the world of photography and scrapbooking and satisfy their love for Ben 10 all at the same time. The camera is a fantastic idea as it even allows the child to appear in one of the printed photographs with Ben 10. It's easy to operate and the finished photographs can then be put in album and decorated with the stickers that come in the pack.

Take a look at our video review for more info on these products:

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