Friday, 28 May 2010

Miners Spring/Summer Nail Collection

The sun is finally shining and now is the time to add a splash of colour to your life. Hands and feet are on display a lot more in the summer months, so it makes sense to make them look the best that they possibly can. To help us look our best Miners have brought a fantastic range of nail colours for the Spring/Summer Season, which can only be described as 'beautiful.' There is no other word that describes them as well. Each nail varnish has its own unique quality and will have you admiring your nails at every available opportunity. I know it certainly cheers me up whilst typing as I look at my delicately coloured nails.

Colour is renowned for improving mood, so I am wondering whether having beautifully painted nails in selected shades as a bearing on happiness. I am 100% positive it does with me.

Here's the chart:

Blue - Calmness
Orange - Joy
Pink - Change
Red - Energy

Anyway, let me tell you a little more about these beautiful shades Miners has brought out. There are two angles which these nail varnishes have covered; beach brights and pretty pastels. So selecting a colour to wear is a pretty hard task I can tell you, as they are so glamorous in their own way. I decide which colour I am going to wear by teaming the shades up with clothes I am wearing.

I have made this little video so you can have a closer look at the colours:

I chose to make the video as the Miners website didn't do justice to how beautiful the colours were. For example the swatch used for Rio Pink on the Miners website was this:

For me this was like portraying a disco ball as silver; there are so many other colours that need to be mentioned. This just looks like a blank pink but Rio Pink is actually a bright pink tone with an amazing pearlescent finish. It has to be seen to be believed. This colour works with any skin tone and can be teamed up with most clothes that you are wearing.

Jaffa is a muted orange shade which when you twist in the light, you get a magnificent pinky pearlescent undertone. This one in particular lifts your spirits. The colour is apparently inspired by African colours and prints and I've always been fascinated by anything African, so perhaps this is why I love the colour of this one. It's great for any adventurous look and would look particularly good with safari clothes - greens and browns. It also looks great with a bronzed beach tone.

Denim Shorts is my favourite colour from the collection as it has a magical feel about it. The colour is so delicate and yet contains so many colours. It is a washed out blue colour with light pink undertones. It is particularly beautiful as it has an opalescent effect. If you really want to go for the 'au naturel' look you can apply just one coat off this and then french manicure your nails and give them a white tip and your nails look wonderfully fresh and clean. To add more depth to the colour then just add about 2-3 coats and you will be fascinated every time your nails move about in the light.

Flamingo is a demure shade of rosy pink. Perfect for any girly look. The undertones in this one are pink. I think that's why all these nail varnishes hold such appeal for me, because there is no such thing as flat colour.

Apricot Blush is a milky-pink shade with a silver pearlescent base. This is great for this season's 70s romance style.

As I have mentioned before, I love Miners because they are budget range and you never have to pay a silly amount of money. The quality is always excellent and they really seem to keep on top of the latest trends.

So now we are down to the nitty gritty of the nail varnishes:

Application: Application was easy, the brush was small enough to get in to all the crevices of the nail and not make any brush marks. Around two - three coats is needed with all these varnishes to get a full coverage.

Durability: You can expect these nail varnishes to last for around 2 to 3 days before they start chipping, which I think is about average.

Value for money: At £2.99 each, these nail varnishes are fantastic value for money. I'm sure you will agree that you will be able to afford the whole range at that price.

Overall rating: 5/5 Bright colours or demure colours, Miners have everything this season and for the great prices you can add a splash of your colour to your life with ease. Brilliant!!

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