Saturday, 29 May 2010

Review: Glamour 24/7 Jeans

Confidence can sometimes be hard to find after having babies and in fact it can be an issue for women from any walk of life. So it’s very reassuring that a pair of jeans by the name of ‘Glamour 24/7 Nip/Tuck jeans’ can go some way in restoring your faith in your body image. At a petite 5 ft 3”, I usually have problems finding jeans to fit me. I am a size 10 but after having a baby feel very conscious of my tummy area. So when I was asked to review a pair of Nip/Tuck jeans I jumped at the chance.

I was a little dubious of the pricing at first which starts at £95 but when I received the jeans, the quality emanating from the jeans made it clear why the jeans were priced in this way. Immediately the jeans hugged my figure in all the right places and shied away from the parts which I wanted to cover. The tote bag that the jeans came in was symbolic of everything about these jeans; by that I mean every little detail is carefully designed and you can see the amount of thought behind it. The quality, the fit and the durability of the material was just amazing! I felt totally comfortable with the design pulling in my tummy; which I usually feel quite conscious about. If I had one suggestion for Wizard Jeans, that would be to create a pair of denim shorts for the summer as they would be great when you need to bear all in these hot summer months.

Launched in late 2009 by Sally Allen, Wizard are set to become the magic wand in every girl’s wardrobe. “As my figure changed over the years, I found it difficult to find jeans that flattered the areas which matter most - hips, stomach and bottom,” says Sally. Encouraged by feedback from women of all walks of life who said they also had problems buying jeans for the same reasons, Sally set out determined to develop the perfect pair of jeans...thus Wizard was born!

“I spent months researching patterns and materials to find the perfect technology that would really enhance a woman’s curves and help her feel comfortable, yet fashionable,” says Sally, “and I think
I’ve found it. These work!”

Overall, Wizard Jeans proved to me that you only need one pair of well-fitting jeans to really rejuvenate your wardrobe. Simple tops are made new again by teaming then with a stylish pair of jeans. The logo on the back pocket emphasises the fact that you are body confident and conveys an overall air of confidence.

Available in white, blue and black too...price starting from £95.00. A totally fantastic pair of jeans!!!


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