Thursday, 22 October 2009

Robeez Busy Cars baby shoes - ocean blue

If you have ever wanted to give your baby a touch of luxury - then you should try Robeez shoes! A few years ago I would have thought all baby shoes were useless. I could be guaranteed to encounter the following problems:
a) shoes falling off.
b) shoes being a bad fit.
c) shoes making their feet hot and sweaty.
d) shoes being run of the mill design.

I was more than happy when I discovered that Robeez caused no such problems. I was in wonderment that such a shoe existed.

So how did I discover Robeez shoes?

I was enticed by an email detailing all of the luxurious and intricate little designs. This is quite unusual as boys clothes and shoes tend to be very boring; nothing worth writing home about. Aside from the fact that they had beautiful designs and looked really well-made, I liked the fact that they were meant to be good for foot development.

However, lots of shoes look good in adverts. Did they live up to my expectations??

They arrived in a lovely little case which made them seem high-quality instantly. It was like a treasure being encased in a treasure chest. Then I realised that the design was just as immaculate as it appeared on the website. The stitching was all impeccable and the little cars on the shoes looked so eye-catching that I had to inspect the shoes for at least a few minutes before I put them on my son.

The ultimate test came next.....

Would Baby Craftiness keep them on? He absolutely hates anything that goes on his head or feet. Within a few seconds he has usually ripped them off in disgust. Admittedly he did have a little tug at these shoes because he seemed fascinated with the design. What little baby wouldn't want to touch something that seemed so much fun? All those mini cars racing about the shoes. Not only that, but I think Baby Craftiness liked the softness of the shoes. Just what you can expect from premium leather.

So after letting Baby Craftiness have a five minute play with the shoes, I distracted him with a toy and slipped the shoes on him. They were so easy to get on him. Some booties and shoes we have had in the past have been a huge struggle to get on. On the other hand, some booties are very easy to get on and equally as easy to fall off. It's all about getting the balance right and Robeez certainly seem to have achieved that. They achieve this by putting elastic within the shoe around the ankle, so that you never end up losing a shoe on your travels.

Here is Baby Craftiness investigating the detail on his shoes. He appears to love them. "Who knew I could be such a stylish baby?" he said.

Here's another photo of Baby posing on Nanny Craftiness' lap.

It's all very well and good being fashionable; but above all when you are a baby you mainly just want comfort. As a parent you are soon made aware if anything is in the slightest bit uncomfortable for your child . It was almost as if Baby had forgotten about them on our travels out and about, which I feel was a good indicator of the comfort levels.

As I mentioned previously, booties and shoes usually make my children's feet very hot and sweaty but upon removing the shoes from Baby they seemed just as cool as when I put his feet in. There was also plenty of toe-space, so I feel the sizing is very accurate.

It is very reassuring to read on the Robeez website that 'The best shoe mimics bare feet, by supporting - not constricting tiny growing feet.' If this is their goal, we can be very safe in the knowledge that our children's feet are being taken good care of.

And whether your baby is kicking, crawling, cruising or just amusing; these shoes are great as they have a textured suede sole to prevent slipping. I notice this helped when Baby was crawling as he seemed to have quite a lot of grip with the shoes on.

Verdict: We absolutely loved the shoes!

You can take one last admiring glance at the shoes if you like.....

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