Tuesday, 6 October 2009


We are rapidly approaching Christmas and so I was very aware that I quickly needed to get my thoughts in order. Not just my thoughts for that matter but the stack of paperwork that was becoming a small mountain.

The fact that various important forms were spilling from the dining room chair on to the floor caused me to have a search online to see what products were available to organise my hectic life. That's when I discovered the ingenious product known simply as a 'Dodopad.'

The Dodopad in my opinion is a product that is for people who want to have an organised life and yet remain down-to-earth and keep their sense of humour. The two products which pricked up my ears were 'The Dodo Household Organiser' and the '2010 Dodopad.'

I aim to tell you a little more about the Dodopad and exactly how it lives up to its promise of 'aiding organisation and curtailing the chaos of any home.' That is a very big duty to live up to in my hectic household, so how exactly did this product work??

Its ring bound so very easy to add sheets or remove unnecessary sheets. Whilst this feature isn't unique to the Dodopad, the bright and breezy design of the cover and individual pages is.

This Dodo household stuff book is certainly 'indodispensable' to me!

As you can see from the above photo there are tabs to organise all your household woes. There is also a section dedicated to 'Vital information' which contains 50 sheets of 'indodispensable' paper. You can dedicate a sheet to whatever is troubling your muddled mind. Whether it is a work meeting you want to remind yourself about or your dreaded dentist appointment. If you just want to hide the reminder to pay that humongous Next bill you want no-one to know about, then you can do this as well! You really can banish all those scraps of unsightly paper laying about the house for good!

I wish I had been bought a book that contained a diary for birthdays a lot sooner. I always end up having to buy the most unsuitable presents because I only remember a birthday when prompted by someone the night before.

Another aspect of design which I love about this book is the pouches, you can store birthday cards or any other scraps you need to keep in order. Too often staring at a list of bills can leave you feeling deflated and depressed, but how can you feel anything but upbeat when you have the humorous quotations written on every pouch.

Another feature which I like about the Dodopad is the endless spaces for doodles. I often get off the phone and realise that it really wasn't a good idea to be doodling robots on little Gilbert's report card. Yes, this really is the ultimate of organisers - even a place for doodles. This is the family organiser for me. Even down to the last page you are invited in to the world of Lord Dodo's mindset and this is guaranteed to be a nice place to be. I feel in an odd way like I have fallen down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, where everything is quaint but amazingly exciting. This is an achievement for something that should be as humdrum and monotonous as an organiser.

And so there you go; there is my little roundup of the quirky world of Dodopad! I don't know whether you will be quite the same after using a Dodopad - it proves that business can be mixed with pleasure; and that is a very interesting fact to learn! If you think the Dodo Household Stuff Book has the capability to declutter your home and further than that; declutter your bills and birthday-filled brain then you might like to try the Dodopad 2010.


Here's a peek at the cover. As you can see it's uniquely illustrated.

A space for everyone in your family to make a note of any commitments they might have. So that's a space for all the mundane and fun things your life might contain.
More ludicrously funny cartoons and lots of space to plan your hectic life with. What more do you need to know. Uncluttered house, uncluttered brain.......

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