Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Halloween planner

Half-term is nearly upon us and so that means so is Halloween. If you want to give your kids an action-packed Halloween follow our party planner:

TIP: Why not have the party the night before Halloween so that friends that usually go Trick or Treating are able to come.

11.00am Spooky craft - Make Funny Runny Honeycomb and Crunchy Toffee Apples - recipes from 'Make,Bake and Celebrate with Polly & Jago.' Have spooky fun making 'Bouncing Bats' out of wool and card. Project featured in 'Custard and Crayons with Polly & Jago.' Books available from
12.00pm Make the house look spooky by bringing out the 'anatomically correct skeleton' which is not only great for Halloween but for educational purposes too. Available from Bring out the balloons and decorations - We are using the gruesome 3D hanging decoration, bat strings, black crepe streamer, spider balloons, glitter Halloween cut outs and witch and cat balloons. All available from Put out tableware – using ‘Gruesome Party’ design including cups, table cover, plates, lids, straws and napkins. Available from
2.30pm-Prepare party bags - We are using 'Gruesome loot bags' from We are then filling them with stretchy spiders, plastic fangs, chocolate spiders, stretchy skeletons and scary finger monsters from

We are also going to be filling them with Cadbury's Trick or Treat biscuit bags and Cadbury's Halloween Mallows.

What's even better is that if you are a biscuit fan, if you purchase any promotional pack of Cadbury's chocolate digestives, you can log on to to claim a FREE PERSONALISED MUG!! Upload your photos and before long you will be sitting staring at a your favourite pic whilst having a lovely cuppa.

3.00pm Fill party bags with sweets - Fill party bags with sweets from Take your pick from strawberry flavoured Dracula fangs, fruity and chewy scary spiders, Jelly Skeletons or Giant Rats or the particularly gruesome Squirting Skulls – gums with oozy, juicy centres which spurt out as you bite into them. From £1.83 a quarter (250g), these sweets are terribly tasty. And, if you want to indulge in a veritable spooky Halloween feast, choose one of A Quarter Of’s Halloween Boxes of Horribly Tasty Treats which are filled to the brim with all kinds of sinister, yet delicious, sweets.4.00pm Halloween hair with ColourFX – Make your Halloween party an event to remember by using ColourFX to create that finishing touch to any costume. Whether your little ones want to be a scary Clown, a Vicious Vampire or a Wicked Witch this October 31st, ColourFX can create hair colours to match any Halloween characters. The easy application of either a spray (£3.49) or a gel (£2.99) makes life easy for parents who need a simple hair solution to complete their children’s costume. The budget hair products are available in a wide selection of colours; try Groovy Green for The Hulk, Radical Red for your little devil, Wicked White for a skeleton or even Party Purple for a wacky wizard, ColourFX has the colour for you! The gels are great for moulding hair into horns or spikes. Available at Claire’s Accessories or log onto – Fill the table with delicious snacks such as Aldi’s Scary Fairy Cakes and Aldi’s Milk Chocolate Halloweenies6.00pm Guests arrive – Scare guests by using the ‘Remote Control Tarantula’ (£24.99). Make it crawl backwards and forwards. Available from Guests go off to play
7.00pm Guests eat
7.10pm Give out candy to all the trick or treaters - Poundland do a fantastic range of items.
7.30pm Guests play ‘Pin the nose on the Pumpkin’ and Halloween pass the parcel.
7.00pm Halloween Sky Lanterns At around a metre tall these are a must have scary treat for your Halloween party. Sky Lanterns are the party accessory everybody is talking about this year. If you are looking to add that magical touch to your event, but are concerned about the costs spiralling out of control, nothing can be more spectacular yet affordable.
8.30pm Hand out ‘Witches Brew’ – hand out a spooky twist on hot chocolate – idea from

Make sure you can distinguish which cup is yours by using Creepy Creatures glass markers
. These are great to make sure you don't swap germs. They are great because they stick to any smooth surface with suction pads and make any cup or glass look extra spooky.For stockists
0r call 01299 250480

8.50pm Guests leave
9.00pm Spooky bath time fun - Retire to bed after bathing the kids with spooky bath potions. Make it a Halloween bath-time to remember. Your children can create their own hubble bubble bath potions and watch in amazement as the water fizzes into red, yellow or blue as you swirl a Tinti Bathwater Colour Tablet (£2.99 for a 3 pack) into the water. There is also a selection of spooky coloured Tinti Bath Foams (£3.75) available in red or green to transform your little lovelies in to the Incredible Hulk or a cheeky little devil. Tinti Bath Pops (£2.99 for a 3 pack) add extra spook. As kids hear the bath water crackle and pop. Get ready for some extra splash time fun as you add the coloured crystals to water and see them fizz and hear them crackle. Don’t worry about sensitive skin as Tinti contains no preservatives or SLS, is bio-degradable, and free from all know allergenic fragrances. All products are soap-free and dermatologically tested providing 100% good clean fun! It leaves no residue, and will not stain your skin, hair or bathroom! Available from

9.30pm Get rid of the monsters – After all the spooky fun ensure your little monsters get a good night’s sleep by squirting ‘Anti-Monster Spray’ (£6.99). Spray this super duper lavender spray which instantly gets rid of monsters, ghosts and spiders and ensures a fabulous night sleep. Available from

Have a spooky Halloween!


  1. WOW! You have some awesome ideas there. Thanks for giving me some great ideas I love the Remote Control Tarantula and the Sky Laterns, they're great! Have a fantastic Halloween x

  2. Glad you like it, you have a fantastic Halloween too!!

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