Thursday, 8 October 2009

Polly and Jago

'Custard' and 'Crayons'; two words which conjure up images of blissful childhood days spent creating and crafting. The authors of the book have produced exactly the right content for us busy mums in need of creative inspiration. Especially in an age where hi-tech computers put artistic talents in the shade.

As soon as I saw the cover and synopsis of the book content it appealed to me. If you are a bit of a book collector like I am, often when you get a book home you realise that the content does not live up to its cover. I have lots of children's craft books and most of them require bits and pieces which require you to spend lots of money. You then proceed to buy all the equipment and find out it was a total waste of money as your child isn't even interested in making the project.

The authors are Sarah Rowden and Joanna Vestey. Sarah Rowden is described as 'one of London's best foodies.' She has been transforming kitchens across London for the last 18 years and runs a West London cafe and fine food store. She has two children and decided that she could intertwine her two greatest loves; her children and her food creativity skills to write this book.

Joanna Vestey MA is an award winning London based photographer and author. Her first book Faces of Exploration has been a huge success and her photographic work has been published in all major national newspapers and many international magazines including Living etc, House and Gardens, GQ, Geographical Magazine and Mens Journal. She is a juggling mother of two young children – Jago and Chloe.

Once you have read this book, I am sure like me you will really warm to the authors. Their love for their children shines through in crafting such amazing books as these.

This book is for anyone who wants to make each day a creative adventure for their child. If you have ever thought about making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday or pumpkin soup on Halloween, then this book will expand your repertoire to make a fun day out of every day. Children grow up so quickly and to me that is the perfect reason to make the most of every day you have with them. Every month is covered by a calendar in the book which lets you know if there is any event or festival etc to be celebrated.

It's a fabulous book because it's more than just a craft book as it educates children on the origins and rituals of the celebrations. Educational and fun; it's got to prove to be a winner with everyone!

Here's a peek into some of the activities contained for October in the book.

If you find you can't put 'Custard and Crayons' down then you might want to also read 'Make, bake and celebrate..... with Polly and Jago.' This is last year's book jam-packed full of interesting recipes and craft for you to try out.

As you might have realised, I ABSOLUTELY love these books. The projects are so simple, yet so impressive! The books really go along with the theme of my blog which is all about making each and every day a creative adventure! What I really love about the books is that there is no need for expensive craft products. I just love everything about them!

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging our makes and bakes from the books. Why not grab yourself a copy from and join in with us. I would love to see your makes!

See you soon!!

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