Sunday, 7 November 2010

Review: Zingillas Big Zing Play set

Moaning Stones beach playset featuring the Beach Byrds, exclusive Zak posable figure and the coconut clock. Watch the last coconut drop to see the stage light up and trigger the start of the Big Zing. Requires 3 x AA batteries.

My toddler son is absolutely Zingzilla crazy and so we were very eager to get hold of the 'Big Zing' play set. Avid fans of the Zingzillas will know that each episode always culminates in the ultimate spectacular show; otherwise known as the 'Big Zing.' The 'Big Zing' always commands the child's attention with the bursts of sounds and colours accompanied by the band playing a certain music type, and so when we opened up the 'Big Zing' play set we saw that all these attributes had been accurately incorporated. The set was bright, it was colourful and it contained the Moaning Stones and palm trees. You even have the twinkling lights and sounds.

Overall the play set is visually pleasing because of the bright colours that are used within the set. The Moaning Stones are very accurate to the way they appear on the show and the Beach Byrds add a little burst of colour in the corner. The twinkling lights create a serene and magical atmosphere within the play set.

The only thing that I was disappointed about with this play set is the fact that it only comes with one character. Until I purchase more of the characters I don't think my toddler will gain the full play potential of this set as he can't really make the characters interact in any way. Nonetheless he seems content posing Zak and making him dance all around the stage. I look forward to getting the other figures as I think it will look quite impressive when all three Zingzillas are playing in the band.

Character-wise we were very impressed. Zak was bright and colourful and his little face fitted in all the minute detail that is proportioned in to his larger face on the show. Very clever! The characters also come with a great range of accessories. Zak certainly looks great when he is plugged in to the stage and he repeats his catchphrases and sings.

A great play set!

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