Sunday, 28 November 2010

Christmas Book Review: Happy Christmas Boris! by Sam Lloyd

I really can't commend this book highly enough for the clever angles it incorporates to bring the book to life. I would describe this as a magical story book that is not dissimilar to a mini puppet theatre. Because of the way that you can manoeuvre the puppets expressions, the worlds your oyster in terms of how far you can bring this character to life. If you know a child who isn't fussy on reading then this one is highly recommended to entice them in to the magical world of reading.

The central character is very lovable, boisterous and a bit too loud but with a good heart. Bright orange with a mouth big enough to swallow you, all children are going to be eager to learn more about Boris.

The plot is great as we help prepare Boris to help Santa deliver presents, and through this plot we learn of the sensitive side of Boris and how we cater to people when they are feeling a bit upset.

From now on we are actively going to be seeking out Sam Lloyd books as we feel we have found the gold at the end of the rainbow in looking for a suitable book to read to both my children (aged 2 and 8). Sam Lloyd has not only incorporated the clever angle of using puppetry in this book, but has also used other clever techniques to engage children such as asking us to help stroke and feed Boris. The fact that he has also made Boris sad and uncomfortable in parts of the book also helps children to learn how we deal with people who are sad in real life.

I also liked the fact that the book allowed us to take on the part of the narrator and also the character of Boris.

Thanks to this book I have also been introduced to Templar Publishing; the publishers of this book and I am amazed to see the level of creativity that is used in the books that they publish. Far more than just reading books. Of course, anything that makes reading that extra bit special is worth its weight in gold in my book!

We give this the Sweet Craftiness Gold Award for 'Best Book of the Year'.

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