Sunday, 28 November 2010

Christmas book review: Ladybird Noisy Noisy Christmas!

There's nothing better than to cosy up with your little ones with a good festive book in hand, particularly so when it is so bitingly cold outside. My two boys are 2 and 8 and so it is hard to ever be able to find a book that interests them both, but there's something about buttons that produce sounds that never fails to enthral children young or old.

This book immediately welcomes the child with its festive metallic green sheen cover and the heart-warming picture of Father Christmas's jolly friendly face. The front cover informs the child that they are looking for the star button throughout the book to find a secret sound. Pressing the first page will result in 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' being played.

Noises range from carol singers, elves in Santa's workshop, sparkling sounds of a Christmas Fairy, kissing noises under the mistletoe, the bells ringing of Santa's reindeer, the "Ho-Ho-Ho" of Father Christmas, children running with excitement on Christmas morning and finally the opening of the presents.

This book meets the need in all children to furnish their beliefs of all the exciting things they think happens at Christmas. Confirming that these things happen in such a magical sensory way is a fabulous way to contribute to children's excitement.

The text is simple and just the right length to maintain younger children's interest and overall we just thought that this was a very magical book. We will certainly be looking to get more from the 'noisy noisy' range as we have already read this book about ten times thanks to my two year old sons demands. Brilliant book!

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