Thursday, 12 May 2016

Project: Felt Flower wreath project from 'Mollie Makes' magazine

This week I am continuing my goal of making each front cover project from Mollie Makes magazine.  Last month I made the deer embroidery picture which I loved, I found it so therapeutic as it felt like drawing with thread.  It also gave me enough confidence to be able to design my own embroidery pictures.  That's what I love about trying out new crafts, the opportunity to expand my repertoire of craft abilities.  

This month's project on Mollie Makes magazine was a floral wreath made out of felt.  I love flowers and this seemed a perfect way to bring some colour in to the house (without the pollen).  So off I set about purchasing the craft items needed to make the project.  I worried quite a lot about whether I had the right colours for the leaves, but as it turned out I just used two basic green colours from a multi-pack of felt and they worked just fine.  I love the natural effect using two colours created.

Now I will be painstakingly honest, unlike most crafting I didn't find this project relaxing.  After drawing round a template hundreds of times and then cutting out hundreds of leaves, one of my fingers actually became numb from what must be a repetitive strain injury.  All these leaves then needed to be glued on floral wire with a hot glue gun, which also resulted in a few burns (partly because I am clumsy and partly because pinching the leaves to look natural made the glue spurt everywhere).
The best part of the project was when I started making the flowers, as by this point I could see my work coming together and knew I was actually doing quite a good job.

The wreath base was formed by wire bent in to a circle shape and then covered with floral tape.  I opted to make all my flowers in orangey tones to match my room decor.

Overall, I didn't enjoy making the wreath but I do think the finished result is beautiful.  It's also nice to know that should I ever need to make flowers to brighten a room I will now have the ability to do so.  But for now, this won't be a project I will be repeating in the near future.


  1. Such a beautiful wreath! You did a great job, even if you didn't enjoy the process of cutting one thousand bits! :) I loved your embroidery from the previous issue too, very pretty.

  2. Thanks Galina. I'm dollmaking at the moment. I'm loving learning all these techniques.