Friday, 15 February 2013

Ready, steady, FLIP with Center Parcs’ February Pancake Day challenge!

Center Parcs is one of my favourite places in the world.  We have made so many magical memories as a family there that it is somewhere I hold dear in my heart.  When I think of Center Parcs I think of fresh air, forest walks, being at one with nature, beautiful scenery and quality time with the family.  So I was rather excited to be able to take part in their bloggers challenge for this month; which was to get creative with pancakes.

We always love to get creative when we go to Center Parcs; The Pottery Painting Studio being one of our favourite places.

I particularly love the above photos of our time at Center Parcs and so when I first ventured in to creating some novelty pancakes on Pancake Day, it was this photo I had in my mind to recreate.  This is what I created:

 It's certainly not what I had in my mind, but as far as making a picture with pancakes, I was pretty pleased with my first attempt. This was just made by using various squirty bottles filled with different coloured batter. I achieved the colours by mixing food colouring to the batter.  The picture is meant to represent my husband and son walking through the forest at Center Parcs.  To emphasise the magic we feel at Center Parcs, I thought I would add on a bit of edible glitter.  Unfortunately I was a bit too heavy-handed and half the pot fell out, so it looks more like a fireworks event at Center Parcs now.

 I don't think the pancake looks particularly appetising and I didn't really fancy serving it up to anyone due to the large amount of edible glitter on it.  If I was to remake the pancake I would probably add in peppermint essence to the tree and maybe a strawberry flavouring to the red colouring.  But this was my first attempt and it inspired me to carry on being creative throughout the day.

Here are some of the other pancakes I thoroughly enjoyed making.  My four year old enjoyed helping with the decorating too (using strawberries, choc chips, blueberries and bananas).

Pancake Day is never complete to me without a bottle of golden syrup and lots of fresh fruit.  
Firstly we created a giant sun pancake.  Simply made by making a plain pancake, using bananas for the eyes and a blueberry for the nose and chocolate sauce for the mouth and eyebrows.  The rays were made by alternating laying strawberries upside/downside.  It was great fun for my son to see a plain pancake turn in to something that looked quite comical. This pancake also didn't require much cooking skill, so it's a great project for children to help out with.

The sun pancake was a big hit and everyone enjoyed eating him.  He was so big he required a punnet of strawberries to complete his rays of sunshine.

Being huge Toy Story fans, our next pancake was Mr Potato Head.  Again, this just required me to make a plain pancake and the decorating could be done in the main part by my four year old. 

 The following pancakes were ideas taken from the book 'OMG pancakes' by Jim Belosic and they were surprisingly easy to do.  They just required the use of a squirty bottle; you then had to draw the various shapes on the pan.  My son thought the creations were wonderful.  I have never seen him eat pancakes so quickly.



 Noughts and crosses

This one just required the addition of food colourings.  The eggs were made in two parts.

The spaghetti was made by drizzling the plain batter around the pan and the meatballs were formed by making circles on the pan with pink batter.
 This unicorn was made by drawing on the pan with various coloured batters and the addition of fruit and choc chips.

The children loved the creations and showed much more interest in them than the plain old pancakes we normally have each year.

Thank you Center Parcs for the fun challenge!  If any of my readers would like to take part in the challenge you have until February the 22nd to do so.  You can read more about the challenge here.  I look forward to next months!

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