Sunday, 1 August 2010

Review: Photo Frame and Whiteboard

Are you fed up of the notes gathering dust on your old cork board?? Well here is the perfect solution; this stylish photo frame and whiteboard from

Taking this item out of the packaging and I was immediately greeted with a sturdy silver (also available in black) frame. Dimensions are 49 x 49 cm. The frame goes around the memo board and the 12 photo spaces of varying shapes and sizes. This is a great activity for involving the youngsters; get them to select some of their favourite photos and they can then be cropped down to fit the frames. You could even change the photos as the months go by; theming them. Summer memories, Christmas memories, Halloween memories..... The list goes on......

Once the photos are in, you can start using the whiteboard. While this has a practical use for adults this can also be a fun element to use for the children. My son was immediately drawn to writing on the whiteboard as it reminded him of the ones he has seen in school. He needs to practice his writing over the summer and so this is the perfect way to enable him to do this. He will happily write away and then take pleasure in wiping it away and writing something new. There's no chance of losing the pen either as it has a little magnetic pad in the nib and so it neatly clings to the memo board, always there awaiting to be of service when you need to write your next note.

I love this 'Photo Frame and Whiteboard' as there is something oddly comforting about seeing photos of happy memories every time you go and put a reminder or note on the memo board, it surrounds you in a warm happy feeling. It makes you feel that your family life is running smoothly and orderly and you have visual evidence of this in the photos. It's the re-iteration that the way you run a household is the right way by the evidence of the happy faces in different memorable places surrounding the words. certainly has the edge in finding beautiful and yet practical items for the home. If you haven't visited their site, go and check out their site now :)