Monday, 10 August 2009

Keeping a 6 year old busy

What dreary weather we have been having - it's a good job I have had lots of activities planned otherwise Corey would have been bored to tears. Although, half of the time Corey has been out to play regardless of the weather which has put some of my plan out of action. Although I planned separate themed weeks initially - we have been on nature week for the last two weeks because I had planned so many activities that took longer than what I expected. It is so fun doing educational projects like this together and I hope they are creating lots of lovely memories for Corey.

In this blog I hope to review some of the craft kits out on the market for kids.

Here's what we have been doing so far:

OK so we started off with an old favourite - something Corey and I both love - DRAWING!

So he drew lots of underwater scenes.

Well done Corey - that's a great underwater scene!

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