Friday, 28 August 2009

Alex Toys Paper Plate Bugs

Still on the nature theme, we were lucky enough to get our hands on this fantastic kit. I believe it retails at £14.99 and is worth every penny. This provided about a week of fun for my little boy. I was amazed at the range of craft items included and the quality of them was way above average!

Here's the pics of the fun he had......................

Here's the individual bug kits laid out on the table. All very tempting, Corey couldn't wait to make them. I loved the fact that they were all individually bagged up as it meant we didn't have to spend ages searching for bits and everything remained very organised.

The first kit we tried was the bumble bee:

Here's Corey having fun cutting and sticking:

He even gets me involved.....

It was a really enjoyable activity that we could do together!
And look how pleased Corey was with his first make!!

Next we attempt the pretty butterfly. Here's the packet containing the goodies:
What I loved about this kit was that the instructions were so easy to understand that Corey had no problem following them without any help.

This is the butterfly which required gluing, taping, sticking on stickers and our next step is to scrunch up the crepe paper and stick on.

It's finished - and doesn't it look impressive.

And here's the rest of the makes:

Anyone like spiders? I like this one!

My verdict: After spending many pounds and hours of my time searching out and buying craft supplies to complete craft projects from books, this kit has to be a dream come true. It provided a variety of quality materials and called for different crafting techniques in each project so children will never get bored. My son even named all the characters and they now have pride of place in my living room. I am now officially in love with Alex Toys craft kits.

Star rating 10/10

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  1. Looks like hours of fun - the snail is my favourite x

  2. Looks like loads of fun and they look great! :) .. Corey's a great name... that's son-of-mine's name ;)

  3. I love the kit! Corey looks very proud of his makes, and so he should be. :-)

  4. Love your blog! and super cute craft! I started a PROJECT MONDAY meme on my blog

    its crafts with kids. please check it out and feel free to play along. I'd love to feature and try out some of your craft ideas :)