Thursday, 30 July 2015

Review: Fairytale - Gingerbread Man Satchel from

I was recently over the moon to have won a £25 voucher to spend with in connection with We're Going On An Adventure blog.  I love this blog because it always offers great ideas for days out, interesting posts on motherhood, reviews and competitions.  So when I found I had won the voucher I had great fun trawling the Totally Funky website deciding on the best way to spend my £25. I'd never heard of before this competition and now I had been on their website I was spoilt for choice.  Umming and ahhing over Pacman lights and Batman ducks, I finally settled on a really unusual satchel/handbag.  The bag actually retailed at £39.99 which meant I had to spend an extra £15 as I had gone over my voucher limit, but when the bag arrived I was so pleased with it that I decided the best way to express my delight would be to write a blog post.  

The bag comes from the 'Once Upon A Time' range from Disaster Designs and is one of a few bags which are based on fairy tales; others being Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and Red Riding Hood.  The quirky illustrations were what made me fall head over heels for this bag, and the fact that it allows us grown-ups to retain a little bit of magic from childhood with this modern twist.

Although the bag  looks like it does up through the use of the clasps, it is actually much easier to get in to the bag by a metallic clasp hidden on the underside of the flap of the bag.   There's so much attention to detail too; with the bows, embroidery,  and two Gingerbread Man zip attachments.

The lining features many different fairy tales.  My little boy loved spotting the various characters.  How many can you spot?

It's easy to remain organised with this bag too as there are outer pockets on either side of the bag, and a zipped compartment and two pouches inside the bag.  The bag opens up impressively wide to be able to store all your bits and bobs.

Who couldn't love these gorgeous illustrations?  We even have the sly fox there...

Even the inside of the bag has gorgeous illustrations...

With so much attention to detail, I'll certainly be living "happily ever after" with this bag.  And I will definitely be purchasing more in the range.  

Thank you so much to Going On An Adventure blog and 

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