Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Real Effect jewellery - elegance and glamour at budget-friendly prices

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I wouldn't describe myself as a materialistic person.  I don't have rows of shoes or lots of bags with designer names.  But I do love a few choice pieces of jewellery that truly mean something to me.  I love symbolic pieces that represent things and I love delicate looking jewellery that completes an outfit by adding a touch of sparkle .  There is always a time and a place for beautiful jewellery pieces that can  be worn over and over again.

With that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to a jewellery website called The Real Effect.  They specialise in jewellery with gemstones that feel and look every bit as lustrous as diamonds. The craftsmanship is amazing and every piece is brought together with perfection.  The wonderful thing is that so many of their pieces are stunning and yet affordable.

Stunning sterling silver and rose gold 3 in 1 ring
There were two pieces that specifically caught my eye on their website.  The first one being the STUNNING STERLING SILVER AND ROSE GOLD 3 IN 1 Ring

I just love the way the different colours incorporate to create a really classy piece of jewellery, the crystals add a touch of sparkle and I can imagine this looking very graceful upon my finger.  As I am a very sentimental person I would like this ring as a representation of my husband and two sons.  It's beautiful!  At £79.25 it is within my budget range too.

The ring would make a beautiful representation of the precious people in my life.

Secondly, I was really attracted to the Stone Set Half Eternity Cluster Ring
The Cubic Zirconia gemstones combine to create a thoroughly elegant ring and would be perfect for me, as this year I celebrated 15 years of marriage!

So here's my ode dedicated to The Real Effect:

For elegance and glamour you need The Real Effect,
Cubic zirconias and silver combine to be simply perfect,
Fantastic craftmanship makes the jewellery a joy to behold,
The unique designs really break the mould,
Budget-friendly, so much choice,
For The Real Effect we all rejoice!

This is my entry in to The Real Effect blogger competition in conjunction with The Diary Of A Jewellery blog.  For details please visit:

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