Sunday, 23 March 2014

Center Parcs March Challenge: Painting Flowers

CENTER PARCS MARCH CHALLENGE: Take a photo of your child's flower painting in a blog post and tell us the story behind it.  We were keen to take part in this month's Center Parc challenges.

Before I go into the details of our project, I should mention that one of our favourite places when we visit Center Parcs is always the Pottery Cafe.  My children and I love painting together and so this challenge was great because it allowed us to think of ways to make our paintings that little bit more interesting.....

For the March Challenge we were given a host of helpful tips on painting from Creative Crafter Emma Hull, you can see them here:

We were inspired by Emma's tip to find things from around the house to make a 3D painting.

"Find materials around the house to add to the painting, giving it a 3D effect. Why not paint an old bottle cap and stick it in the centre of a flower, really bringing your painting to life?"

There were two parts to our project.  The first being:
Fruit and veg painting

Tools needed: 
Fruit and veg past its use-by date

A selection of rainbow paints

We used all the fruit and veg for various printing techniques, but we found the celery to be the best tool.  It was possible to apply the paint pretty accurately with and also it made a good inscribing tool to add extra detail to the painting.

Simply apply the paint to the ends of your celery stick.

Paint; and then swirl round for added detail.

Using a rainbow of colours the results are beautiful!

Finished result: perfectly detailed flowers.
When the flowers were dry we cut them out and used them in step 2.

Cake case painting
For the second part of our painting, inspired by Emma's tip to look for household objects to give your painting a 3D look, we used cake cases.
Simply swirl the cupcases with the colour of your choice

An easy and effective way to paint flowers for little hands.

Then, simply glue to another piece of paper.

We used glitter for grass and stalks.  Paint for sky and clouds.  We also added the flowers that were made in Step 1.

A simple project for kids that is great fun and produces great results!

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 March challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Longleat Forest.


  1. Oh my word!!! How inspirational! Made me think of good old Bob Ross, and how easy he made it look to paint impressive artwork! I think even as an adult I would try this! The ideas here have given me many useful ideas on trying on fabrics even. Well done for inventiveness!!!

  2. Wonderful projects! Hope you win with your inspired artwork!