Friday, 15 June 2012

Review: BabyBlooms Small Pink Bouquet

What would you think if you received a box like this??

And in it was this vision of beauty?
 I've been busy looking for exciting and unique baby gifts on the market this week and if there was a list of impressive baby gifts out there, then this pink bouquet would surely top it!  

I loved receiving flowers after the birth of my babies, but alas flowers give me very bad migraines and so they always had to be banished to another room.  Now, if I had received one of these baby bouquets I would have been over the moon!

The main thing that instantly stood out for me when I opened the lid of the box was the vibrancy of the colours used within the bouquet.  The whites interspersed with baby pinks and then cerise created an immediate girly impact! And wait, because mums of boys don't have to be left out either.....

Equally perfect is the boy's bouquet.  When you are a mum of a boy you tend to miss out on all the girly gifts, but that's just what is so perfect about these bouquets as you manage to combine a girly gift for mum with a practical baby gift for the little boy.

Inside this incredible creation which is the 'small bouquet' you get:

  • 1 reversible hat
  • 1 pair of scratch mittens
  • 5 pairs of socks
The items are all cleverly rolled up to look like flowers and placed within velvet leaves, silk foliage and delicate silk roses and freesias.  The stripy fabrics used for the hat adds a delicacy to the bouquet and at a quick glance you could almost believe this to be a real bunch of flowers.  The variation of fabrics also creates an amazing sensory experience.  

Would your heart leap with joy at such a thoughtful gift?

 The clothes are sized at 0-4 months, so it's great for the recipient as they are able to display the arrangement for a little while before it is dismantled.  Afterwards the foliage can be put together to form a lasting keepsake of this memorable bouquet.

This small bouquet is priced at £26.50; and when you weigh this up against the price of an average bunch of quality flowers this is more than reasonable.  You also have the knowledge that the bouquet will most definitely NOT end up in the bin and will be a lasting keepsake.
It's really great because it is a gift for mother and baby!

I had to put this lovely bouquet to good use and so I presented it to my cousin. She actually cried when she opened the box and it instantly took pride of place amongst all her baby cards as a centrepiece.  I think her reaction speaks a million words on what an amazing gift this bouquet is!

So if you think you fancy giving a loved one a truly unique gift then take a look at  Truly Amazing and worth every penny!


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  2. I absolutely love this as a gift idea. I saw this post and immediately went onto their website and decided I'd found a unique gift to give to a friend thanks for sharing!