Sunday, 14 August 2011

Review: 'First Words' Sticker Activity Book by Top That Publishing

REVIEW: The front cover of this book immediately attracts the younger reader with the colourful illustrations and friendly and familiar objects and animals. It's fair to say that upon opening the book each and every page gave my toddler lots of pleasure. We also discovered that taking this book to a restaurant with us has become the alternative to having a childminder as my toddler will sit there enthralled in fitting on the stickers perfectly to their allotted spaces and pointing out and naming the things that he is familiar with.

As a parent I was pleased with the quality of this book, sticker books are usually flimsy and whilst this is so much more than just a sticker book I was pleasantly surprised at the feel of each page as they were very glossy and durable (despite my son being quite rough in the way he turned each page). What I loved about this book is that the stickers had a coloured edge that fitted exactly to the surroundings, so if you matched the sticker up in the right way then when you are finished you would hardly know that this was a sticker book. The stickers are meant to be reusable but we tried to peel one off and it didn't feel so sticky anymore, but if we want to extend the life of using the stickers again it would be great fun for toddlers to use the stickers with a bit of glue. We were more than happy with this book as when all the stickers were placed in the book we weren't at a loss for things to do. There were dot-to-dot puzzles, colouring in to do, words to write and drawings to do.

Like all Top That publishing books I have had so far, this one hasn't failed to amaze me with the variation of activities for children that manage to incorporate fun and learning without the child even realising that it is educational. Further to that, the book actually supports the National Curriculum learning objectives so would be a great treat for your child with the new school term looming!

Retailing at £4.99 this is excellent value for such a high quality book with so many activities to keep your child busy! Will definitely be looking to get more from the range!

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