Friday, 18 March 2011

Millets for Mother's Day

If you are trying to think of a suitable Mother's Day present, why not check out Millets? I was given a chance to review some of Millets clothing recently and I was quite taken aback to how good the designs were. If I'm honest Millets wouldn't have been my first choice previously for clothing and I think this is due to the fact that we don't tend to get catalogues through our door like 'La Redoute' and 'Very' etc. So when I think of Millets I think of tents and backpacks. So I felt pleasantly enlightened when I had an email from a PR highlighting the range available.

So my constructive advice to Millets would be to create more of a catalogue or brochure to make people aware of their fabulous line of clothing known as 'Peter Storm.'

Anyway, on to the clothes which I tested out which were the:

One Earth W Word Tree Tee, £16.99

and the Peter Storm Cynthia Stripe, £27.99
Immediately, I was drawn to the design of these clothes. Subtle with the use of pleasant pastel shades but they also managed to incorporate something eye-catching such as the interesting logo (which I will talk about in a minute) and the use of stripes. Being a surf-shop clothing fan I felt that these clothes could immediately rival named brands as the clothes were so nice to look at and yet comfortable.

The 'One Earth W Word Tree Tee' was great as the print on the front was beautiful to look at and yet sent out a lovely environmental message, as we are big in recycling etc in this house it was nice to show the children that I am proud in the efforts we make. The material was really comfortable being 100% cotton and has a carbonised finish for extra softness. The fact that they have used 100% cotton also means that they are supporting natural farming, which is great! I also really loved the cute keyhole detail on the on the neckline. It added a fresh twist to the clothing design! At £16.99 it is also reasonably priced for an organic cotton top.

The Peter Storm Cynthia Stripe, £27.99 which incidentally is now on sale at £19.99 had a lovely feel to it with it being 100% cotton. The fact that it is quite thick cotton allows it to trap your body's heat. It was a lovely snug fit and easy to get on due to the half-zip. Looking forward to wearing this out on these spring days where we have very changeable weather.

There's loads more wonderful designs at so go and take a look and surprise your mum, as there's lots to appeal to differing ages.

Have fun browsing!

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