Sunday, 12 September 2010

Best Party Bags EVER from

We've just discovered the 'Best Party Bags Ever' from

Everyone thought they were amazing and the stripy blue bags (pink for girls) just added to the excitement of opening them. We used these bags in conjunction with a little treasure hunt we devised out the back garden for the boys and they had to find the party bags which were the 'treasure.'

The party bags certainly held the 'wow factor' with the boys. Delving through the goodies, one of the children asked what the info card was. When I replied that the cards explained where the sweets came from, a little boy asked "from Santa?". That for me summed up the satisfaction with the bags the children had. Their little faces were a delight to watch as they opened the bags.

The bags held just the right combination of items to totally delight the boys. Squishy skulls, huge jelly spiders, traditional chew bars, whistle lollipops and things to provide the fun element such as the whoopie cushion and water bombs.

Here's the video of them opening them:

*Please note there is a problem with sound on the video and everyone sounds much more high-pitched than in real life.

For more info on the party bags please go to

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