Saturday, 7 June 2014

Duck Tape World Cup - a delightful array of patriotic crafts

I was delighted when Duck Tape recently contacted me to be one of 8 bloggers to take part in the Duck Tape World Cup. The idea is that each blogger gets given a group in the World Cup.  Duck Tape then sends the bloggers some coloured tape and we then have to create anything related to the country's flags.  Each blogger is then in a sweepstake and whichever team wins the World Cup, the blogger with that team wins a batch of product and some additional craft goodies.  Exciting!

So the goodies arrived and I was allotted Team G which meant my countries were: 
  • USA
  • Ghana
  • Portugal
  • Germany
This is what I decided to make:

GERMANY: Bunting

I started off with something relatively easy.  All you need for this project is:
  • black, red and yellow Duck tape
  • craft knife and craft mat
  • paper
I folded an A4 piece of paper in to quarters and then cut them.  I then drew lines so that I could see where I needed to stick my Duck tape.

This was a really simple project to do.
Once I had finished sticking the Duck Tape on I attached them to some wool and strung them up.  It looked great!

Ghana - Ghana flag 
This project requires:
  • red, yellow, green duct tape
  • craft knife and craft mat
  • paper
  • photo frame

Following the same principle as above, I just drew my lines on the paper and then stuck on the Duck tape.  I then free handed a black star and stuck on.  Voila! 

USA - Rose bouquet

On to something a little bit more complicated this time, but I was amazed by how brilliant the results were.  I've made some Youtube tutorials if you want to have a look at how to do this yourself.  

 Portugal - Shaker

 This is another simple project which the children actually helped me with.  We covered the bottle in red and green Duck Tape and then the children drew the emblem and stuck it on  When this was done we then filled it with rice.  Simple!!

Now all that's left for me to do is to hope one of my teams wins in the World Cup.  This project has certainly made the World Cup a lot more fun than it usually is for me.  

Thanks Duck Tape! 

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