Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Alex Toys 'Pinball Painter'

Here in the land of 'Sweet Craftiness' we've been experimenting with art. We have found a product which combines art with messiness which is always a combination that children will love. I absolutely love Alex Toys as they always provide great craft projects with fantastic craft materials included - so no need to spend lots of money buying all the bits and pieces needed to become creative.

Here's the box contents all ready for some messy fun!

The paints are all tipped in to the bottom and the balls are positioned. Paper in place and ready for some pinball action! Look at the expression of concentration on Corey's face. Push down the buttons and here we go!

Here's Corey's first attempt - the blue paint being very dominant. This was such a fun art project and even I enjoyed myself, it was great for relieving any stress of the day. Corey thoroughly enjoyed flicking the ball across the page and creating havoc with the paper! This is the type of project you would usually love to attempt but don't because of the mess it makes. Fear not though as this kit comes with a splash guard so you and your clothes remain clean.

At this point Corey really gets stuck in and tries out some new techniques. He finds that by tilting the container backwards and forwards it creates some new artistic media.

Corey's really concentrating on obtaining the perfect result in this photo!

The rippled, textured look which has been achieved by rocking the ball back and forth.

The 'Fire' picture.

We're planning on getting hold of some black paper to go in the container to produce some firework pictures a bit closer to Bonfire Night.

Here's more artwork by the very creative Corey.

Corey finds yet another artistic technique - whilst the paint is still wet, he scribes into the paint with a blunt pencil to create images.

And that was the end of our arty fun-filled day. As you can see there are tons of different arty results that can be produced with this kit and it was a pleasure watching Corey revel in delight as he produced new effects with the ball. Alex Toys have remained one of our favourite craft companies with the pure innovation of their kits and the quality of materials.

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